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Based in Seattle, WA - Shooting Globally


At Brent Loe Photography we shoot more than just commercial interiors and architecture - we're creatives with a passion for helping people add value to their brand. We do this by traveling to you,  building a relationship with your team, and providing those "Hero Shots" that bring your marketing to the next level.

Step 1: Show The Location

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When we travel to you we bring a fresh perspective and are able to see things that you may have grown accustomed to. We accentuate that beauty by using a subject and complement approach. 

Exterior Images are incredibly important and make us feel like we want to be there. They tell us where we'll be in the World and what that may look like. Our job is to make that the most appealing place they could go.   

We always try to leave "White Space" for your text, overlays, and logo - as well as the ability to crop the image for a homepage banner.

Step 2: Sell The Experience

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Interior images show what your unique design has to offer. Your customers will be able to visualize themselves enjoying all the amenities and how relaxed they'll be. 

We want to convey the joy and happiness that your clients will experience when they come to your space. To do that - we recommend allowing us to try the space, whether it's dining, lodging, architectural, etc. we want to get a better sense of the space and what features should be highlighted for maximum impact.

Everyone has a good side that needs to be captured, just like your venue, and we're the ones to do it.

Step 3: Tidy Up

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Marketing images need to show what's possible while limiting the small details. Our in-depth review and editing process ensures maximum impact and involvement.

We deliver the first round of images with preliminary editing, allowing you to envision what the final results will be. You'll then be able to choose which images you'd like to purchase and what alterations you'd like made. This could be anything from removing sprinkler heads and exit signs all the way to adding professional-grade virtual staging.

*This image was staged virtually and had the small-details removed (sprinkler heads, can-lights, and many, many cranes).


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