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About Me

I’m a photographer with more than a decade of experience working with commercial clients (hotels, apartments, conference centers, etc.), architects, and brokers in the Greater Seattle area. My professional photography has helped my clients’ businesses receive upwards of 61% more views and 42% more calls. I have the skills and drive to capture the perfect light and mood of any building, project, or service. I'm continually challenging myself to continually learn, innovate, and adopt new techniques and technologies.

I was born in Sierra Vista, Arizona, a small town on the border of the US and Mexico, but raised on the Florida Panhandle. I began my career as a photographer by taking photos of beach weddings and soon realized that photography was my passion. Moving to Landscape photography in Arizona and then real estate and architecture in Washington has made me progress and learn the techniques needed for a wide range of project types.

There’s nothing I’d rather be doing, and I’m thankful for every opportunity to click the shutter. Seattle, WA is my home and even though I'm a transplant, I feel like I belong here.

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